BALTA - B.C.-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance

Research Teams

BALTA’s research is broadly focused in four program areas/teams:

Social Economy Research Cluster (SERC) 1 – The Social Economy in Human Services and Housing

Social Economy Research Cluster (SERC) 2 – The Social Economy in Rural Revitalization and Development

Social Econom Research Cluster (SERC) 3 – Analysis, Evaluation, and Infrastructure

Mapping of the Overall Social Economy in Alberta and British Columbia

Each SERC includes community based practitioners and academic researchers. Individual projects are generally led by one or two SERC members. The thematic division between SERCs is in practice somewhat arbitrary. Research projects initiated by one team or another often cross over into areas relevant to other SERCs and projects under the auspices of a particular SERC are sometimes led by members of a different SERC.
















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