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Farmers Market

Farmers markets are important social economy actors in local food systems.

The mapping research being undertaken by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) has been designed to capture several levels and functions of social economy organizations (including enterprise, support, intermediary, research and education) and to give priority to sectors directly relevant to the Social Economy Research Clusters (SERCs) and their research agendas.  The following resources address various issues related to the development of the mapping research.

General Issues in Mapping the Social Economy in British Columbia and Alberta

Lewis, Mike, “Mapping the Social Economy in BC and Alberta: Towards a Strategic Approach.” — This paper lays out a context for the mapping program and considers definitional questions related to the scope and nature of the social economy.

Affolderbach, Julia, Mike Gismondi and Lena Soots, “Research Decisions in Mapping the Social Economy in Alberta and British Columbia.” — This paper, by the three key individuals involved in developing and implementing the initial stages of the BALTA mapping program, documents the methodology used in the mapping program.

Guide to Developing Online Surveys

Andrews, Doreen, Blair Nonnecke, Jennifer Preece, “Conducting Research on the Internet: Online Survey Design, Development and Implementation Guidelines.”

Other Mapping Resources

BALTA’s mapping researchers maintain a growing number of method, theory and case study resources in the BALTA Community online library within Athabasca University’s AUSpace.


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