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Social Economy Student Network

Social Economy Student Network

The Social Economy Student Network (SESN) is an initiative of the National Hub of the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP). SESN serves as an online forum for post-secondary academic dialogue, information dispersal and education on the Social Economy. It will link together students, researchers and community partners from across Canada and around the globe. Objectives of SESN include:

  • To foster an informal learning and information-sharing network composed of post-secondary students from universities and colleges;
  • To provide a setting in which to highlight and advance the diverse research of students who examine aspects of the social economy in their work;
  • To increase the visibility of the social economy within the academic community and promote awareness of the social economy as a field of research and study.

The SESN website will feature a range of information and services of relevance to students interested in the social economy including:

  • Information about relevant conferences, symposia, workshops and other learning opportunities;
  • Calls for papers for upcoming conferences and symposia;
  • A venue for posting of student research reports and papers;
  • Online seminars and lectures on the social economy;
  • Information about university and college courses relevant to the social economy;
  • Resources on conducting social economy research.

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