BALTA - B.C.-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance


Students play a key role in the research program and other activities of the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA). BALTA regularly hires students to work as student research assistants on BALTA research projects and in some cases for other roles within BALTA's program. Hiring takes place at several points during the year.

For any current student employment opportunities, go to the Employment section of our website.

Students participate in BALTA's research projects and activities both to contribute to our research and as a learning experience. BALTA also organizes occasional opportunities for BALTA students to participate in other learning experiences. This includes participating in relevant BALTA meetings and programs as well as attendance at conferences, symposia and workshops offered by other organizations.

BALTA established a position of Student Program Coordinator to provide additional orientation and support to BALTA's student research assistants. She also serves as student representative on the BALTA steering committee to provide a student perspective in BALTA decision making. For further information, contact:

Lena Soots
BALTA Student Program Coordinator
Tel:  1-778-782-3972


image coming Learn about the Social Economy Student Network

BALTA and other students can also participate in the Social Economy Student Network, an online forum for students interested in social economy research and learning.


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