BALTA - B.C.-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance

BALTA Policies

Research Related Policies

BALTA Project Development and Management Guidelines
These guidelines cover a range of information important for project leads and others involved in BALTA research projects. They also direct the reader to other BALTA policies and procedures documents that amplify on specific areas of information.

  • BALTA Projects Criteria
    These criteria are used for assessing proposed projects and workplans.
  • BALTA Ethical Review Policy
    The BALTA Research Alliance and its lead agency, the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal (CCCR), have designated and mandated Royal Roads University (RRU) to perform the role of ethics review for the BALTA Research Alliance as a whole and for each research project/initiative implemented under BALTA’s auspices. RRU has already completed a global ethical review for the five –year, SSHRC-funded BALTA research project and has established a process for expedited review of research projects and activities taking place under the already reviewed broad framework for BALTA. All research projects/initiatives will be submitted to RRU for ethical review prior to initiation of research, as per the procedures established by RRU and approved by CCCR, the BALTA Management Committee and our funder, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

    Should any institution participating in BALTA decide that research conducted by personnel of that institution (faculty or student) must follow an internal ethical review process as well as the BALTA/RRU process, that is their right. However, any such projects will still have to meet the RRU review requirement.
  • BALTA Ethical Review Process
    This document provides guidelines for following ethical research requirements and for completing the BALTA ethics review process.
  • SSHRC Policies
    BALTA’s funding is received from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Allowable uses of SSHRC funding are determined by SSHRC policies. For further information, you can consult SSHRC’s online Grant Holder’s Guide.

Development and Approval of SERC Workplans and Project Proposals
This document provides guidelines for developing project proposals and workplans. It also explains the BALTA approval process for workplans and projects.

BALTA Student Recruitment and Management Policies and Procedures
These guidelines cover the various aspects of recruiting, hiring and managing student research assistants within the BALTA research program.

BALTA Handbook for Case Studies in the Social Economy
The handbook provides a framework, taxonomy and guidelines for conduct of case studies research linked to the BALTA research program.

Organizational Policies

Terms of Reference for BALTA Participants
The roles and expectations of the various types of BALTA participant and structure are explained, including: Principal Investigator; Co-Investigator; Participant Collaborator; Advisory Collaborator; Student; Staff; SERC (Social Economy Research Cluster); and SERC Co-Chair. (NB: The Advisory Council referred to in the document has not been active since 2007. This role has been assumed by the SERCs.)

BALTA Steering Committee Terms of Reference
The role, responsibilities, membership and other functioning of the steering committee is explained.


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