BALTA - B.C.-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance

Expenses Reimbursement

Only BALTA members and BALTA employed students are eligible to have expenses reimbursed. Reimbursable expenses will generally need to be part of an already approved budget for a project, meeting or other initiative. Exceptions may be made in special cases, but that cannot be guaranteed. It is better to consult with BALTA’s coordinator if you are in any doubt about whether an expense will be reimbursable.

BALTA’s funding is received from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Allowable expenses and requirements for reimbursement are determined by SSHRC policies. For further information, you can consult SSHRC’s online Grant Holder’s Guide.


Travel Reimbursement

SSHRC has some unusual requirements regarding information and documentation required for travel reimbursement.  Please read BALTA’s travel reimbursement policy in advance of travel and ensure that you provide all required information when submitting the expense claim form.

View BALTA’s travel reimbursement policy (PDF - 112KB)

View and download travel expenses claim form (XLS - 28KB)


Research Project Expenses Reimbursement

Any reimbursable expenses will have been covered in the approved project budget and must also conform to SSHRC restrictions on what types of expenses can be reimbursed (see link above to SSHRC’s Grant Holder’s Guide).

View and download project expenses claim form (XLS - 26KB)


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