BALTA - B.C.-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance

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Mapping of the Social Economy in British Columbia & Alberta

The BALTA mapping project has been designed as a multi-staged process consisting of three main phases:

  • Identification and Compiling of a Master List of social economy organizations (Summer-Fall 2007) and Initial Survey (early 2008);
  • In-Depth Survey (2008-2011); and
  • Case Study Research (early 2008-2011).

A multi-staged strategy allows for relationship building and buy-in from organizations that might otherwise not be interested in participating in an in-depth survey or qualitative case study. The purpose of the mapping research is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the social economy sector in the two provinces and to provide information that is relevant to academic, practitioner and policy interests. Specific objectives related to the mapping project include:

  • To compile a comprehensive inventory of social economy actors and organizations in BC and Alberta;
  • To categorize and survey the identified social economy organizations and actors comprising the sector in order to understand their characteristics, structures and functions;
  • To identify primary and/or intermediate or support functions, social and/or environmental purpose, geographic reach, gender and governance, financial and employment impacts, and unique features of each SE organization and compile these in a database for research and analytical purposes
  • To identify trends, patterns, gaps and opportunities for scaling up within the sector as well as opportunities for case studies and further research;
  • To provide data and information relevant to practitioners, academics and policy makers for the purpose of strengthening the foundations of the social economy.

The BALTA Mapping Project will take place over the lifespan of the project (2006-2011) and will provide data to other BALTA research projects for analytical purposes. This work will also contribute to the national social economy portraiture objectives coordinated by the Canadian Social Economy Research Hub.

See Mapping Results, Reports and Papers for reports on the BALTA mapping survey results, other mapping research and case studies research, including related research by non-BALTA researchers.

See Mapping Resources for background materials and guidelines related to BALTA's mapping and case studies research as well as for other materials relevant to mapping research.


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