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Phase One: The BALTA Social Economy Survey

The BALTA Social Economy Survey was launched in January 2008 and will stay active until 2011.  Please follow the link provided below to access the online survey.  Thank you to all respondents who have participated to date in the survey and congratulations to the South Fraser Women's Services Society, the winner of our 'Lunch on Us' Fall 2008 prize draw!

Want to review a read only version of the BALTA Mapping Survey before going online? Click here

BALTA is a regional collaboration of practitioners and researchers engaged in projects and initiatives designed to strengthen the work of co-ops, non-profits, foundations, credit unions, social enterprises and other social economy and solidarity organizations in BC and Alberta. Part of the BALTA research is to identify the many types of ‘social economy’ organizations that contribute to the social and/or environmental well being of people and communities in BC and Alberta. With the data gathered through this survey, this project will provide evidence of the social, environmental, financial and job creation contributions of organizations like yours. Collecting and consolidating this information will allow both community development workers and public policy advocates to promote the sector in western Canada, build up support networks and more effectively lobby government. Your organization has been identified because of the work that you do in your community. The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. You will need your organization’s latest budget and financial report to answer a few of the questions. Thank you for your participation! Please note: The BALTA Social Economy Survey is housed on a secure website and all information will be kept strictly confidential and transferred to a database maintained at Athabasca University in Alberta. Access to survey information will be restricted to BALTA partners for research purposes only. At no time will specific information be attributed to any individual or organization unless prior permission has been granted by the participant.

See Mapping Results, Reports and Papers for reports on the BALTA mapping survey results, other mapping research and case studies research, including related research by non-BALTA researchers.

See Mapping Resources for background materials and guidelines related to BALTA's mapping and case studies research as well as for other materials relevant to mapping research.

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