BALTA - B.C.-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance

Research Cluster (SERC) 3

Analysis, Evaluation, and Infrastructure

BALTA’s Social Economy Research Cluster (SERC) 3 focuses on research regarding broad infrastructure and support for the social economy. Research projects began in 2006 and will continue through to 2011. The members of SERC 3 include:


David LePage

Enterprising Nonprofits


Dr. Jorge Sousa

University of Alberta

David LePage

David LePage

Dr. Jorge Sousa

Dr. Jorge Sousa


Michelle Colussi

Canadian Centre for Community Renewal


Pat Conaty

New Economics Foundation


Dr. Peter Elson

Mount Royal University


Dr. Peter Hall

Simon Fraser University


Michael Lewis

Canadian Centre for Community Renewal


Annie McKitrick

City of Williams Lake


Dr. Stewart Perry

Canadian Centre for Community Renewal


Dr. Paul Reed

Carleton University


Veronica L. Vinge

V.L. Vinge Consulting

Advisory Collaborators

Mark Anielski

University of Alberta


Mark Cabaj

Tamarack Institute


Dr. John Helliwell

University of British Columbia


Shauna MacKinnon

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Dr. Ian MacPherson

University of Victoria


Dr. Marguerite Mendell

Concordia University; Polanyi Institute


Nancy Neamtam

Chantier de l'économie sociale


Brendan Reimer

Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet)


Dan Swinny

Center for Labor and Community Research

For descriptions of SERC 3’s research program and individual research projects, including resulting research reports and papers, go to SERC 3 Research.

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